About Us


HomeWise Referrals makes your home improvement projects as convenient and hassle-free as possible – – all at NO COST TO YOU.


We eliminate the need for you to figure out who is legally qualified for your work and reliable enough for you to interview then we follow up each referral until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

The process is simple:

1.       You make one contact with HomeWise by phone (703-360-8222), email or webform.

2.       We match you with contractors we’ve vetted to be sure they have proper credentials for your particular job (license and insurance types) and earmarks of reliability (clean complaint histories, positive reviews, good references, long enough in business to establish financial stability).

3.       While your project is underway, we follow up to facilitate communication, provide advice as you may need, and do all possible to ensure your complete satisfaction with the finished project.


Company owner, Debbie Farson, knows the pitfalls of working with home improvement contractors. After many years of home ownership, and some disappointing home improvement outcomes, she recognized the need for a one-stop service to locate contractors who would return calls, show up on time, and follow through with high-quality work. Debbie’s background as a lawyer, homeowner, home renovation veteran and mom make her sensitive to the issues that can complicate home improvement for many homeowners.

Debbie started this business in 2002 and, in 2011, changed the name from Home Solutions Connection to HomeWise Referrals to better describe the full range of services the company provides.


  • HomeWise is locally owned and operated so we know the contractors we are recommending and we very likely are familiar with your neighborhood.
  • HomeWise tailors our referral to your specific project, thereby ensuring we don’t waste your time with contractors who don’t have the license designation you need or expertise in the specialty areas your job entails.
  • HomeWise goes beyond mere matchmaking. We follow up as long as you’re working or considering working with any contractor we refer.
  • HomeWise is structured so that our business model does not undermine our objectivity. We take no membership fees from our contractors so we’re not tempted to add someone to the network just to get payment; we take no advertising fees so we have no incentive to move contractors who’d pay more to preferred positions on our list; and, we take no lead fees from contractors so there is no temptation to refer those whose credentials don’t fit your needs just to collect as many lead fees as possible.  We get paid only by the contractor, and only when we’ve matched them with a homeowner who hires them.

More detail about all of the above can be found in our Sept. 10, 2013, blog post.