Home Design for Four Personality Opposites

Home should be where you feel the most like you. Therefore, design your space around your personality to be sure it offers the comfort and refuge you need. Here are some ideas for four opposite “types”:


If you’re an extrovert, you draw energy from being around people. Introverts, on the other hand, need time alone to recharge after social activities. If you’re the former, be sure you have plenty of gathering space in your home, complete with a wide open floor plan and comfy seating. If you’re introverted, you may want to buck the open floor plan in favor of cozier interior spaces, create a reading corner, or make sure you have your own “office”, “man cave”, “craft room” or other space to get away from it all.


If you like things spare, pick kitchen cabinetry with clean and straight lines; consider modern furniture with little ornamentation or decorative detail; and create a clean palette with neutral tones on walls and furniture then let your accessories bring in the occasional “pop” of color or whimsy. If your taste is more baroque (that is, elaborate and decorative), go with curved inset panels in the cabinetry, brighter colors or patterns on larger pieces, and lots of accessories.


If you are a “place for everything and everything in its place” type, consider closet systems, built-in shelving, and a floor in the attic for extra storage. If you don’t care about keeping things tidy, just implement enough of an organizing system to allow you to find things when you need them.  Put a few simple systems in place to catch things you “throw” as you pass through: a basket near the door for keys, an easy-to -access clothes hamper (no lid, and not behind a door, or you’ll opt for the floor), and hooks rather than towel bars in the bathroom (because you won’t take time to fold the towel anyway.) If you are a “messy” who wants to move more toward “organized”, let us know. We have fabulous professionals for that.


If you aren’t a fan of mosquitos, sunburns, and windblown hair (guess which one I am), spend your remodeling and decorating dollars more inside than out. I’m not suggesting you let the lawn go or forego a deck. Just don’t worry about building a stone patio, waterfall, and fire pit. If, on the other hand, you somehow like all that nature, plant and pave to your heart’s content. You may also want to “bring the outdoors in” with large windows or glass doors, a sunroom, and floral or nature-inspired art and accessories.

Wise homeowners design spaces they can be themselves in. Now, go forth and dwell comfortably.

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