How Long Will My Project Take?

I’m getting a lot of calls right now for kitchen and bath remodeling, roof replacements, additions, and whole house renovations.

The bigger the project, the more time it will take to plan for it (interview three contractors; develop a budget; order products) and for the work to be done.

This time of year, though, those timelines are extended because the good contractors are really busy, and might take days or even a couple of weeks longer than at other times of year to schedule meetings, get proposals to you, or schedule your work.

So, if you’re starting in June, here are some very general timelines for typical home improvement projects:

  • Kitchen or Bath Remodel: four to six months.
  • One-room Addition: six to twelve months.
  • Deck or Patio Build or Rebuild: four to eight weeks.
  • New Roof: two to four weeks.
  • New Windows: six to ten weeks.

Don’t forget to add two to four weeks to the front end of these timelines for finding, interviewing and choosing the right contractor. HomeWise can help in that process by putting you in touch quickly with the right contractors the first time, thereby drastically reducing the time you’d otherwise spend in research, scheduling, phone tag, and interviewing folks who don’t really do what you need.

Wise homeowners plan ahead. Now, go forth and improve efficiently!

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