Rainy Weather Home Hazards (and What to Do About Them)

We’re all glad winter is over, but spring rains bring their own problems for homeowners.

Here’s a list of the four most common issues and how to deal with them:

(1) Overflowing gutters: If you have this problem, you likely need to clean out the gutters and/or downspouts. Failure to do so will lead to moisture accumulating under the gutters and backing up under your shingles which results in wood rot and roof damage that can be pricey to repair.  Unless your gutters are very high up, you likely can clean them yourself. The downspouts can be trickier. Fortunately, licensed contractors perform these services for reasonable prices.

(2) Leaking roof: Be alert for signs of water on your ceilings. This is usually an indication of a roof leak. The good news: unless your roof is really old (15 years or more), a simple patch may be all you need. If you don’t have experience with roofing, your roof is very high up, or you are at all infirm or don’t deal well with heights, hire a licensed roofer to inspect and repair. Safety first!

(3) Water leaking around windows and skylights:  You may not know this is happening until you notice water damage on interior walls or ceilings adjoining or near the windows. A little caulk may be all you need to fix it; an easy DIY project.

(4) Water in basement: If you don’t have a French drain and sump pump, now may be the time to have it installed. There could be other, less expensive options as well (like simple grading around your exterior foundation).  A licensed waterproofing contractor can help you decide the best route. The main thing is to get the problem checked at the first sign of moisture on basement walls or floors. It is much easier to prevent a flood than deal with the clean up after. (Clean up can be extensive and expensive, usually involving cutting away of at least part of the drywall in finished basements, potential mold removal, new flooring installation, and you’ll still need to install that sump pump.)

Stay alert and make repairs, or seek help, at the first signs that the spring rains are making their way inside your home. Diligence now will prevent major water damage, and much more complicated repairs, down the line.



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