Spring Home Improvement Planning Ensures Year-Round Beauty and Comfort

Spring is a great time to accomplish some outdoor work in pleasant weather or get started on jobs with longer lead times that you need completed before the holidays.

The Quick and Easy

Getting your home’s exterior ship-shape is much more pleasant during these cool spring days than it will be when temperatures begin to climb. Go it alone or hire the work done now before the best contractors’ schedules start to fill up.

  1. Clean up yard bed edges, install hardy flowers (to withstand our few remaining cold days; pansies are a good choice), and mulch.
  1. Perform basic lawn maintenance, including aeration if necessary, over-seeding for patchy areas, pre-emergent weed control, and fertilization. Not every lawn needs every treatment; professionals can provide you a customized plan. Don’t forget to get your mower serviced so it will be ready for summer’s heavy use.
  1. Repair driveway and walkway cracks and other winter damage.
  1. Replace or paint worn-out shutters.
  1. Paint trim, soffits, mailboxes and lampposts.
  1. Repair or replace a weary front door (nothing adds to curb appeal like a bright, new entry.)

The Longer-Term

Yes, it may be time to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you want a new/updated kitchen, you are already pushing the timeline for having that completed before those holiday guests arrive, especially if you’ll be changing the room’s footprint (removing walls or building an addition.)

Don’t underestimate the time it will take to interview and choose your designer and contractor; approve a design; decide on your cabinets, counters, appliances, flooring, and lighting; order all the components (6 weeks is a minimum; custom can take much longer); and get the work completed. Add on the fact that your city or county will probably need to approve the remodel plans and issue a permit, then perform regularly-scheduled inspections at various stages before subsequent stages can be started, and you’re looking at several months before completion.

Bathroom remodels could take a good deal of time too depending on their scope. Unless you are simply replacing component for component with new items from your local box store and no change of layout, you may be looking at timelines similar to those of a kitchen remodel.

Whatever your plans, talk to licensed professionals early. This may be your first project, but they’ve probably done dozens and can handle the planning, permitting, ordering, and timing for you as well as complete your work beautifully and on time.

So, get outside and enjoy these mild temperatures, dream about your ideal entertaining spaces, and take baby steps early to accomplish your home improvement goals. And remember: the larger your project, the earlier you need to start and the more time and money you’ll save by partnering with an outstanding licensed contractor.

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