There’s Still Time to Get Your Home Guest-Ready

An oldie but a goodie. We posted this blog last year to encourage you all to take a few easy steps to get your home guest-ready for the holidays. It bears repeating as we look ahead to Thanksgiving in two short weeks.


Thanksgiving is a week away, with holiday-full December right on its heels.

Think you don’t have time to spruce up the house before friends and family arrive? Au contraire my friends.

Here is a list of quick fix-ups that will have your mother-in-law saying, “My goodness! Your house looks lovely!” (And it can happen without He** freezing over!)

  1. Paint. You can do one room in a day probably. Just remember, the trick to a professional-looking do-it-yourself paint job is tape, tape, tape!  It’s not too late to book a licensed painter either. Just give us a holler.
  2. Decorate the Front Entry. Mom was right: you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, pretend you’re a guest at your own home. Stand on the front porch for 30 seconds, as if you’re waiting for someone to answer the door, and look around. Does the front door need painting? Is the trim looking shabby? Then, fix obvious cosmetic flaws, put a fall or winter wreath on the door, and add some flowers or greenery to either side of the entry.
  3. Carpets Cleaned. If you don’t have this done often you may be surprised how inexpensive it is. For not much more than the cost of renting one of those heavy, often-leaky machines from your grocery store, you can have a professional swoop in and do the job for you. Many companies use a low-moisture system so you can walk on the floors before day’s end.
  4. Shine the Hardwoods. We’re good, but not even HomeWise can get you a floor refinisher to sand and lacquer before Thanksgiving. However, there are great products you can use to clean and add a quick protective coat yourself (dry in an hour). One of my favorites is Bona – – available in hardware and big box home improvement stores.
  5. Fill Out the Kitchen Cabinets. At my house, plastic cups multiply like bunnies while nice glasses disappear faster than my self-control in an ice cream store. And what about spoons? Do they vanish into thin air for you too? You can restore matching sets for your holiday table with a quick trip to your favorite home store. For high quality and low prices, one of my favorites is the Crate and Barrel outlet, 1700 Prince Street, Old Town Alexandria (22314).
  6. Fix the Fireplace. Wouldn’t a warm glow at the hearth add beautiful atmosphere to your holiday gatherings? If you’ve not used your fireplace in a year, though, you need to make sure it’s in good shape. We can get someone to you before the December holidays for sure. Just let us know.

We’re here to help with anything you want repaired/replaced before guests arrive.

Now, go forth and celebrate smartly!Guests3

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