This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Home Some Love

As February 14 approaches, don’t neglect the major relationship you have with your home! Who else so consistently provides you sanctuary, shelter and comfort?

Here are five ways to show your home a little love:

(1) Clean the Windows. As soon as the last winter storm is over (later this month, surely), have a professional window cleaning company brighten up the glass inside and out. You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced this service can be, and how much more light a good cleaning will let into your rooms.

(2) Touch Up the Paint. Refreshing the finish on scuffed baseboards or nicked trim, adding an accent paint color to one wall, or switching things up with a whole new color scheme can all be pretty high-impact, relatively low-cost changes for your space. Professional painters do a terrific job and are the best choice if you’re strapped for time. Whether your paint job is DIY or done by a professional, check out our Seven Tips for the Perfect Paint Job before getting started.

(3) Refresh the Deck. Spring is just around the corner and you’ll want to be outside when things get warmer. You may not need to completely replace the deck to get one that looks like new. Sometimes a simple powerwashing will do the trick. If the deck boards need repair, consider replacing them with a more durable wood-look composite material, like Trex. Depending on the condition of your underlying structure, properly credentialed contractors (and we know lots) may be able to lay a new top over the existing foundation/frame for a much lower cost than total replacement.

(4) Update Fixtures. Isn’t it high time you brought your house into the 21st century? Simply switching out old doorknobs, cabinet and drawer pulls, faucets, and lighting for newer versions can really update your home’s look. A word of caution: always hire licensed electricians and plumbers for any switch-outs involving electrical or plumbing fixtures. Older homes in particular may have outdated wiring or pipes that require specialized knowledge that you, or the average handyman, won’t have. Failing to do the work properly could result in fire or flood.

(5) Replace Countertops. Putting down granite or quartz where you have laminate can completely update the look of your kitchen or bath, and is so much less expensive and disruptive than a total room makeover.

Wise homeowners take care of the house that takes care of them. Now, go forth and love your home.

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