Three Home Improvement Projects to Have Done While You’re Vacationing

There are some home improvement projects you just don’t want to live through.

Why not have them done while you’re out of town?

First, a few precautions:

  • Make sure, of course, that you are working with a licensed, insured, well-established, highly reputable contractor so your home and personal property will be safe. (You know that’s the only kind of contractor HomeWise recommends, right?)
  • Consider having a neighbor let the contractor in and lock up after them at the end of the day so you don’t have to give the contractor a key.
  • Move valuables (jewelry and electronics for instance) to an off-site, secure location (like a safe deposit box or trusted friend’s or relative’s home.)

Now, here are three projects you’ll want to “get outta Dodge” for:

(1) Hardwood Floor Refinishing. You really shouldn’t walk on your floors for at least a couple days after they’re finished, longer if the finish is oil-based. Even if you have a house where you can jump from non-wood floor to non-wood floor, avoiding the affected rooms, it’s just too difficult to live that way. Clear out, enjoy the beach, and come home to beautiful new hardwoods.

(2) Major Drywall Repair. If you have more than a small area of patching to be done, you can count on lots and lots of dust. A good contractor will have it all cleaned up by project’s end, but the process prior to that can be a dust storm. Avoid having to breathe all of that powder and just have it done while you’re out of town.

(3) Additions and Major Remodels. These may take longer than your average vacation will last, but the principle is the same. They’re just too hard to live through. Loss of kitchen or bathrooms, entire exterior walls missing, openings in the roof, etc.  Your home can feel like a disaster area before the beautiful finished product is revealed. You can tough it out in your basement with a hot plate, but you’ll save yourself a lot of stress if you just include in your renovation budget a stay elsewhere, even if it is only for a couple of weeks during the worst part of the installation or construction.

Wise homeowners reduce inconvenience and stress during the home improvement process. Now, go forth and vacation strategically!

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