Use Environmental Home Design to Help Reach Your Goals

It’s March already. How are you doing on those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions?

As you keep striving, don’t underestimate the power of your environment to help or hurt your goal achievement. Sure, there are things you can’t control, like the weather, but you have almost complete control over the environment in your home.

Here are some examples of how to exercise that control for maximum impact:

Let’s say your goal is to eat healthier. If you wanted to quit drinking, would you keep beer around the house? Surely not. So, take an hour this weekend and purge ‘fridge and pantry of unhealthy choices then restock with good-for-you meal options and snacks. Now, for the design part. Pull out that beautiful bowl stuck in the back of your cabinet. You know, the one you got for your wedding but never use. Set it out as a design element on the counter, and keep it full of fresh fruit and veggies. Put a pad of paper and pen out too, and write down the healthy foods as you run out of them so you’ll always have a shopping list handy. Finally, grab a book stand from your local kitchen store, and set out a healthy eating cookbook as a design element too, ensuring you’ll always have goal-enhancing recipes at your fingertips.

Maybe you want to read more. Set up a corner just for you and make it cozy so you’ll long to be there daily. Make sure it is in an area free from distractions, not a high-traffic part of the house or near the television. Put your favorite chair there and a bookcase nearby stocked with a wide variety of books you’re itching to dive into. Add good lighting and accessorize with a soft blanket throw, plush pillows, small end table, and a coaster (so you can wet your whistle whilst reading, without leaving a ring.)

If fitness is your top priority this year, good design can help there too. If you leave the house for your workouts, make the exit as easy as possible by creating a place near the door that athletic shoes always live, setting aside space in the bedroom to lay out the morning’s workout clothes before you go to bed, and hanging some hooks or locating a tray near your exit where the dog’s leash (if Fido jogs with you) and your keys will always be found. If caffeine is required to get you going in the morning, give the coffee pot a place of honor in your kitchen, with all necessary supplies and mugs right next to it, and develop the habit of filling it the night before so nothing but a flip of the switch is required in the morning (better yet, invest in a pot with a timer.) If you work out at home, make your exercise room as pleasant as possible. Paint walls, hang motivational pictures, and add a television or radio so you can’t use boredom as an excuse to stay away.

Wise homeowners make their environments consistent with their goals. Now, go forth and achieve!

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