Wise Weather Precautions for Your Home in the Spring

Most of us (school children excepted) are grateful for the mild winter we’re having, but don’t forget the one thing we know for sure about the weather: it will change.  Spring can be as hazardous to your home as winter is if you’re not careful.

Here are two spring weather dangers, and what to do about them:

  1. High Winds and Downed Trees

We’ve had such high winds over the past week that Fairfax County had to open schools two hours late one day. Those gusts were unseasonably early, but provided a foretaste of what we know we’re in for in March. To keep you and your home safe next time the wind blows, get overgrown trees trimmed back and have larger trees close to the house removed. Use a certified and licensed tree expert to be sure trimming and removal is done safely (we know the best!) Local authorities recommend, if a tree does fall on your house, that you get everyone out, call 9–1–1, and don’t go back in until dangers due to compromised utilities or structural safety have been identified and fixed. For a fuller list of safety measures when a tree falls on your home, the road, or power lines, see

  1. Heavy Rain

All that water falling from the sky is terrific for your garden, but it could be a real hazard to your basement or roof. Make sure your landscaping is graded away from your home’s foundation to prevent water pooling and flooding your lowest level. If you have any water coming into the basement already, consult an expert about a French drain and/or sump pump system. If you already have a pump, consider a battery backup to keep it running if a storm knocks out your power. Keep gutters free of debris so water doesn’t overflow and get under your roofing material or damage your siding. If your roof is more than 10 years old, or is showing signs of age (shingles curling up at the edges, soft spots or concave areas, stains – no matter how small – on your ceilings), get a licensed roofer out now to repair or replace.

Wise homeowners don’t let the weather get the best of them. Now, go forth and welcome Spring!

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