Does the homeowner pay you for your service?

  • No.  We do not charge the homeowner for any part of our service (referrals, consultation, follow-up).

My job is small (or really big).  Can you help me?

  • Yes.  We have contractors to handle any sized job, from the smallest handyman repair or electrical trouble-shooting to the largest addition or kitchen remodel and everything in between.

How do you find your contractors?

  • Initial notice may come from any number of places, including a client, a contractor, or a local review. Once we take notice of them, they must pass our screening for reliability, outstanding work and superior service before they’re invited to join our network.

How do you screen your contractors?

  • We check for a contractor’s license, appropriate insurances and certifications, strong references and good BBB and consumer affairs histories.  Generally, network contractors must be in business five or more years. We often visit completed jobs to view their work.

How do you ensure that your network contractors maintain the high standards required of them when they joined?

  • We follow up on every referral; we monitor license, insurance and certification expiration dates; and, we send follow up surveys to homeowners for all completed projects.

What sorts of reviews do you have on the contractors you recommend?

  • Please see the Testimonials on this website.  Once we’ve referred you to contractors, feel free to ask us to share with you comments homeowners have made about them.

Why don’t you rate your contractors with stars, a number system, etc.?

  • We refer only the best so there’s no point in a published rating system (we wouldn’t refer a contractor to you who had less than “five stars.”)  We track the numerical ratings our contractors receive on project follow-up surveys to make sure they maintain our high standards.

What if I have a problem with a contractor you recommend?

  • The odds of that are reduced greatly because you came to us in the first place. However, if challenges arise, and you’re unable to work it out with the contractor, please contact us. In most cases, we can resolve the issue quickly. The contractor has every incentive to make things work out well because he or she wants to receive future referrals.

How do you make money?

  • Our contractors pay us a small commission on every job they get on our referral.

Doesn’t the contractor pass on the cost of your commission to the homeowner?

  • Some do, some don’t. Even when they do, it does not add significantly to the total price and the homeowner receives more than the value of that additional amount in our service (follow up, facilitating communication, assisting with contractor selection to begin with.)

Can contractors advertise with you?

  • No.  A contractor cannot buy into our network. They must be invited based on their outstanding credentials, being licensed and insured, being in business more than five years, having good BBB and consumer affairs records, and having good references.

Do you charge membership fees?

  • No.  Neither homeowners nor contractors pay membership fees. We only profit when we match a homeowner with a contractor who meets their needs and completes the project to the homeowner’s satisfaction. We believe this is the only referral model that creates a Win-Win-Win for all parties (homeowner, contractor, and referral service.)

Where are you located?

  • We’re physically located in Alexandria, VA, but we have been referring in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC since 2002.

Must I communicate with you only online?

  • No.  Because we are local and not connected to any parent or franchise, we can offer service as personal as you like. We’re happy to discuss your project, answer your questions, and address concerns by phone if you prefer that to email.